Glamorous Zombie Flakes has been released!

See the readme file here.
See the instruction manual: page1 page2 page3 page4 page5 page6 page7

"This game is top secret!" "It's only a game about flower arranging."
"It's a game devoted to the study of geology." "I heard it was a game about looting."
"Clearly it's a game about food, and as a chef I would have to be the main character!" "You're all wrong! It's the story of how I become a famous model!"

OK, but what do you do in it?

Go back to school! Chill out in the basement!
Entertain zombies! Dig holes in the ground!

Whoa, that's amazing!

Has rad minigames too.

Does it run on my PC?

Yes. (Win32, WoW64, Wine, maybe even ReactOS)

What about this old PC handed down in my family for generations?

Probably. (DOS build needs a fast 486 or Pentium and Sound Blaster)

What about Amiga?

Maybe. (Amiga build needs a fast 680x0 CPU or emulation)

32X build is also ready!

Glamorous Zombie Flakes was coded in NOWUT.